A day stuck inside

. 1 min read

It's a glorious summer day and I'm stuck inside. You know, because my face is sunburned. And I don't want to make it any worse by going out.

Usually I would just work the whole day and ignore the world of possibilities waiting outside but since I'm taking my Death to Boredom project super seriously, I can't do anything I don't feel like doing, and I don't feel like working at the moment. In fact, driving to a nice scenic spot for a picnic sounds darn good right now. But I can't go out! Because face!

So what do you do with the DtB project when stuck inside?

Everything and anything, of course.

Online shopping for books. Reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Learning to draw. Studying yacht design. Watching Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Making miniature furniture. Listening to old Nickelback. Playing video games. (Work just for a moment to get the rush.)

Right after writing those words, my laptop crashed; I moved over to the PC and ended up, completely accidentally, working for several hours instead of "just a moment".

And now, it's 8:20 pm and I've had no Monte Cristo, no drawing, no Mission, no mini sofas, no Nickelback, no video games. I didn't get to do half of the things on my itinerary!

So... since time ran out before my list of activities... was today the perfect day?