Abundance vs. scarcity

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I seriously got my eyes opened when I read this blog post by Christina Rice a while back. She wrote about why you're not getting what you want and how your attitude towards everything is determined by two things. So to analyze why you do the things you do and think the way you think and make whatever decisions you make, and to get a fresh perspective on your inner shackles, you should ask the following:

Does this act, decision, or thought reflect an abundance mindset, or a scarcity mindset?


Does this act, decision, or thought come from a place of love, or a place of fear?

At first, I thought the idea was interesting and perhaps I should think about it later. But then I went to a grocery store and stood at the nut isle, trying to decide between a larger bag of almonds or two smaller bags of macadamias and cashews to make nut butter of, and realized that the only reason I would have bought the almonds was because it was cheaper.

What a stupid idea! I mean - the world is full of money, I will always be able to afford whatever nuts I wanted!

Thinking you will run out of money if you live a certain way or buy certain things might sound like a valid concern. But perhaps the reason you will run out of money is because you feared you would, and if you only think you'll always be albe to afford whatever you want, the money will come.

Because your attitude dictates it.

So instead of worrying about money or time or fearing weight gain or whatever, go all in and do everything you do out of love and with abundance. Don't try to save yourself for later. Live now.