...And Like That, I Feel Like an Asshole

. 1 min read

Jaret Grossman once said: Perspective is respective to the individual.

He was right, of course. About many things, that one included. I just keep forgetting that the statement applies to everything.

Including the way music sounds to your ears versus someone else's ears.

I might think that classical guitar music is nice and worth a standalone listen. Someone else might absolutely cringe at the sound of it. I don't understand their point, and they don't understand mine.

Shouldn't change anything.

...except that I've always hated it when someone assumes they can just come and bother me mid-piece. It's wrong. I don't like it. I also don't like it that I always have to make sure that I'm alone at home when I practice so it doesn't disturb anyone. I mean, it's not that terrible to the ear, is it? Is it?!

Apparently... it is.

Turns out that musical taste, too, is respective to the individual. Someone actually might hate the sound of the guitar when it's played alone without other instruments. They might not hear the difference between a single-note-at-a-time melody playing and full-out composition (melody plus accompaniment).

It's not my job to try to convince people to feel something they don't, or hear something they can't.

I also don't need to become angry when I don't understand their perspective.

...and it is my job not to impose my playing to the ears of those who absolutely cringe at the sound of it.

Note to self: don't be an asshole.