Coin allegory

. 2 min read

This is an honest copycat reference to Prison Break, season two, the scene in which Theodore Bagwell goes to talk to the therapist. He opens up about feeling like a coin on a train track that keeps getting run over, over and over again, without breaking. It's giving him a hard time. The therapist responds by pointing out that coins have dates on them - dates that indicate when they were made. And he could, should he want to, choose the date on the coin that he is.

He could choose today's date, and so start over fresh, as a shiny new penny that no train has run over.

Regardless of whether you feel like you've been run over multiple times without breaking or if you feel like you've just been lying and attracting dust in some drawer without anyone noticing your existence, you can, should you want to, choose another date on the coin - shake the dust off, hop off the train track, and be a shiny new penny.

This is something like the proverb that says that today is the first day of the rest of your life. You can still change everything in your life and in you as an individual. Write down the new date somewhere you can see it constantly. You could write it on your hand with a marker or even get a tattoo. Or make a stylish poster with that date and print it and frame it and hang it on the wall of your current home (or maybe the home you move into if you decide to change everything in your life). Everytime you pass it by you remember that nothing that happened before that date matters anymore - it's only dust, it doesn't exist anymore - and you can concentrate fully on what's been happening after that date. Because you can do anything. You can be anything. No event or person from before that date can stop you from reaching every goal you wish to reach, starting and finishing every project you wish to start and finish, or attracting people and ideologies you wish to attract.

You can start fresh. Just pick a date.