December 2021

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Ahh... the best month of the year is here. December. Christmas month. What else do I need to say?

While I still have a couple of days of work left before my holiday starts, I still managed to kick off the month the minute it began. I made a burger, and it was delightful. I watched a few episodes of Parks and Recreation, and it was superb. I listened to Angels from the Realms of Glory, and it didn't yet feel like much of anything, because I still had work to do. (I'll listen to it again after I've got all of the year's work done.) I placed the Lego Hogwarts on the dining table to inspire me to finish all the work so I'll get to play with it.

On December 1st, I watched number 15 from my December movie list - Alien (1979) - and it was an insanely good movie. Seriously good. A real masterpiece. Hats off to Ridley Scott.

(On December 2nd, I watched number 21: David Fincher's Fight Club (1999). Another masterpiece. I'd already seen it before several times so I knew exactly how good and entertaining it would be. Should read the book it's based on.)

(On December 3rd, I'm planning on watching number 8: Minority Report (2002). It was my favorite movie as a kid. It's still in the top 20.)

The plan is to finish work by Monday, celebrate the end of work with a screening of Tenet (number 1 on the list), and then spend the rest of the month decorating my home, eating rutabaga casserole, watching more movies, buying and wrapping gifts, and playing with a toy train set. (And with the Lego Hogwarts.)

There's no need to think or worry or plan about anything else until Boxing Day... after which the real fun begins:

getting ready for 2022.