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YES! Finally it's here! Finally finally finally! Do the happy dance!

I think I've been waiting for December for ages, if not from last spring then at least since I counted 200 days until Christmas last summer. I've been trying to focus on the autumn and everything that is so amazing with it despite the approaching December, and I think I've quite succeeded in the task. I noticed the autumn. I didn't miss it. I explored and felt it every day.

But that's over now - it's December 1st, autumn is long gone, and it's finally okay to get excited about the winter and the looming holidays!

While you can say today is just the next day after yesterday, and that physically very little happened when the date changed last night, may I point out the evidence to the contrary:

  1. Advent calendars, and opening the flaps, and resisting the temptation to open all of them at once.
  2. Candles, gingerbread, eggnog, mulled wine, blankets, books, jazz, knitting, Harry Potter themed ASMR rooms.
  3. The freezing weather and the way it makes you feel alive and a hot shower feel overly comforting.
  4. Fairy lights and other appropriate seasonal indoor and outdoor decor.

You get to bake anything you like, and eat it. You don't have to go running or to the gym if you don't feel like it (although if you do feel like it, kudos to you!). If you've managed to finish your projects for the year already, you can start to take it easy in the holiday anticipation. You can put on Christmas music without anyone looking weirdly at you. You can even sing along to it!

Evening walks when it's snowing. Putting on a million layers of clothes before leaving the house - and still feeling the cold weather in your core. Being jolly all the time. Not needing or wanting to complain about anything. Making coffee with whipped cream and nutmeg even if you just had a cup. Eating cinnamon rolls or carrot cake for breakfast. Writing poetry. Wearing woolen socks and other comfortable clothes. Listening to Bob Ross paint.

Everything - every single thing - is amazing and jolly in December. The world is perfect. You only have good things to say and do and feel. Even misfortunes turn into happy accidents in December.

Merry December to you!