I'm declaring war on sweets

. 1 min read

I've been struggling with some issues with my health lately. I've tried to incorporate some food groups that I used to include in my diet back in it. Like dairy. Well, that didn't work - got bad stomachache and mood issues. Tried broccoli and cauliflower. That didn't work either, got both physical and mental issues.

Then there are coconut flakes - I like to make fat bomb fudge of them. But more often than not that fudge isn't enough. My subconscious knows there are more coconut flakes, just sitting in the pantry, waiting for me. So I go to the pantry, take the flakes, and start spooning them straight out of the jar and into my mouth while mindlessly watching YouTube videos.

And when I get a bad mood or stomach issues a moment later, I know what caused it, and I know whom to blame.

I need to get over this compulsive thinking that if there's something sweet in the house, I have to eat it. It makes me feel terrible both inside and out, both mentally and physically. And I'm starting to get chubby.

So, as a solution, I'm going on an egg fast. I shall give up everything safe for eggs, butter, seasoning, tea, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and coffee, for a while. Until I no longer have the urge to reach for everything everywhere. I've already successfully killed all desire to eat dairy (I used to eat a lot of cheese, whipping cream, and keto ice cream not too long ago), and thus I know I can do the same with the coconut fudges and flakes.

Sweets, beware: I'm declaring war on you. I'm strengthening my defense and attacking with full arsenal (and everything I learned from that Sun Tzu book). Prepare to be defeated!

To make it official, I'm declaring this here, on the Internet, so I can't surrender - so that I have to fight until death.

See you on the other side.