Mindset Is a Habit

. 2 min read

Ever since I first found out about the law of attraction, affirmations, visualization, and the whole nine yards a little over year ago, I've see the abundance mindset as something that can seriously change your life. It was the number one reason I decided that this year would be the best ever, no matter the cost - because I believed that there is so much of money and affluence in the world that I can and will get back everything I give away, even if I spent all of my savings. Money is like air: there's more of it than I could ever need or use.

But then, this past summer, I checked my bank account, and even though my stock portfolio was doing better than ever, my liquid funds had started to run thin enough for me to have to consider selling some of my stock investments. And I really didn't want to do that. I felt like I wanted my stocks to just sit there and reap the benefits of decades of compound interest.

...even though I don't want to wait decades on the slowlane, and even though my the value of my portfolio in total was nothing compared to the earnings I'm planning to make in the future.

Maybe it was the thought of having to use my fuck you money. Because if I use it, then I can't say fuck you to anyone. And no, I don't mean that literally... I mean it more in terms of not having to work for anyone but myself.

But fuck that! Fuck the fuck you money!

Apparently, I had totally forgotten the abundance mindset of last fall and the beginning of this year (when I took on the best year ever project). Apparently, the ideology and the mindset don't stay with you unless you make it a habit.

(I'm getting a strange feeling of déjà vu... Have I talked about this subject already on this site?)

So while I have already spent a lot of money this year (office, business, gifts etc), I must take it even further and begin to use the funds that I was saving for an emergency.

Because saving, be it money or time or energy, breeds a scarcity mindset - a feeling of not having enough.

By spending my money, time, and energy in whatever I want, as if I had all of those in abundance, will breed an abundance mindset.

Which, in turn, becomes my physical reality.


P.S. The déjà vu was probably about this article from last June.