No one is coming

. 1 min read

I guess most of us know someone who's living an unnaturally difficult life. They seem to struggle with almost everything. You might even wonder how they got where they are - after all, your own life and getting where you are has been relatively easy, and it must have taken a lot of work to mess everything up so bad.

But perhaps, for them, all the bad has accumulated little by little, just like all your good has, and neither of you see the process as easy or difficult, only natural. The little things, the ones that you do habitually, are the ones that dictate everything when enough time passes.

The question then becomes whether the one struggling has the will to change those little things, and there's no easy answer, because

  1. everything is difficult in the beginning, even the little things, and it's easy to believe they'll never get easier, and
  2. it's even easier to fall into this victim mentality - that because you've had a hard life, life now owes you something, and you just need to wait for an external force to come and save you.

What these people need to be told is that no one is coming. It's their lives, their little habits, their responsibility.

No one is coming. So get up your ass and save yourself.