November, finally

. 1 min read

AHHH can I even begin to describe how excited I am that November is finally here. Only about four weeks left of work and then - holiday! Freedom! My only real vacation of the year! All things indulgence!

Some of the perks of November:

  1. December is so close that you can already count the days.
  2. Hanging up Christmas lights is finally allowed.
  3. Buying new houses etc. for our Christmas village is appropriate. (We also reuse old ones so the whole thing gets bigger every year.)
  4. No need to put off getting gifts anymore. (I had to make a deal with myself about the time frame of gift procurement, otherwise I would have gotten all of them in August.)
  5. Sometime this month, probably around the halfway mark, I'll go and buy some motivating Lego gifts for myself for the holidays.
  6. Work. Oh, how much work there is left. I wonder if the month will ever end.
  7. No sugar or alcohol for the entire month.  

Thirty days of grinding the infamous butt off. I'm scared and excited and I can hardly take it.