Quarter review for my best year ever project

. 2 min read

We're three months into the year 2021, so it's time to see how my best year ever project is going.

And let me tell you.

It's going so well. Like, SO well.

There have been times when my fear of life has surfaced, and I've had to focus my energy to shrink it to its normal size. And I've also battled with my tendency to feel guilt. But none of that matters all that much. The main thing is that I'm following a path that will, eventually, sooner or later, take me to a place where I'm supposed to be going, and it really feels exactly like that. The path feels right. I've accomplished so many awesome things, and moreover, I'm super excited to get to work with the second quarter. But first, recap:

In the first quarter of the best year ever:

  1. I got an office, and it looks freaking amazing; stay tuned for a office tour video.

  2. I wrote and published two non-fiction books: The Keystone Habit and Life Lessons from The Queen's Gambit.

  3. I wrote and published two poetry collections and two short stories (under a pen name).

  4. I got incredibly far in my journey towards better health, mainly in the form of figuring out which foods suit my gut and cause no mental issues. (I feel like I've gone through this whole process in the past already but have forgotten everything I learned. Oh well.)

  5. I remembered the value of hard work and shipping and took advantage of it.

Now that I look at the list, it doesn't seem all that much. But each of them is significant, and I'm immensely grateful for having achieved them. They've made my life so much better. I can't wait what awesome things the spring and summer of the best year ever will bring.

To the first quarter!


P.S. I found 4 double-yolk eggs in one 8 egg carton, and I'm going to swim in the sea tomorrow. Life, if you can still get better than this, I'll embrace anything you want to give me.