The ice cream hypothesis

. 1 min read

So I had this idea that if you eat a pint of low carb ice cream with a cup of whipped cream and perhaps some sugar-free chocolate or a chopped protein bar sprinkled on top, every day, everything would be fine: you wouldn't gain weight, you'd feel amazing in your body, your mental levels would stay high, and a recently deceased family member would come back from the dead.

You can probably see where this is going.

I had a few stressful days last week and I decided to cut myself some slack and have ice cream. And knowing me, I need all the condiments. I had a few pints in a few days and then tried to quit. It was going all right until I heard the news about the family member. So I had some more ice cream. With whipped cream. And sugar-free chocolate chips on top.

Today I decided to get a grip - after all, I'd noticed I'd started gaining weight and feeling miserable and looking puffy. I decided to go on an egg fast. I had a three-egg frittata and three fried eggs with butter and some fat bombs for breakfast (around 4.30 pm), and then a fried egg and a boiled egg for dinner (around 9 pm). I was supposed to do an OMAD day with only that breakfast but then I started craving ice cream again in the evening and something had to be done, so.

I also went for a short morning run this morning, which is good, since taking the first step towards building good habits is always the hardest and now that I have that done it'll be easier to keep it up tomorrow and the next day and the next.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep these up long enough to get my life body and mental health back to their optimal state again.

It might take weeks, months even. But I really can't do anything but try.

Keep calm and try your best,