This, too, shall pass

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Have you ever strayed from your diet or exercise regime in such a way that you came close to self-hatred as a result? Well, yeah. A couple of weeks ago, early December, I decided to celebrate the beginning of Christmas time a little - by consuming a ton of carbs over a period of seven days. In retrospect, consuming carbs is not the best way to celebrate anything. As a person whose both body and mind are used to keto, I got so tired mentally and physically that I decided to get a grip before things got out of hand, and have been back on a keto diet for a week now.

But man, was it hard! I had sugar for just seven days, but that's enough to get oneself addicted to carbs again. And it can become a vicious cycle - you have a little sugar, then crave more, try to quit, but the cravings grow even bigger, so you give in, only to keep the habit. There's one thing to remember, though - one thing that will, if remembered, help you break the cycle:

This, too, shall pass.

If you stick it out for four days (the individual number may vary, though), it will become easier - so easy in fact that you'll wonder how you ever had cravings in the first place. Life will become easier. You won't just control your cravings; you simply won't have them anymore.

Of course, after a while, you'll slip. It may be next week or years in the future, but chances are that you'll fall back into the cycle of giving into the cravings or skipping the workout you know is good for you. Just remember that you can get out of it. Give it time. Don't panic. Remember that it'll get easier. It may not feel like it at the moment, but it will.

Trust your previous self - the you that knows that this will get better. It'll be worth it. (And don't be afraid spoil yourself a little. It's Christmas, after all.)