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You know the feeling when you're having a bad day and then you go to the hairdresser to get a quick pick-me-up and they do a terrible job and so the day you thought could not get any worse gets even worse?

Yeah. Fuck that shit.

I left the salon feeling like even the energy I no longer had was suddenly drained out of my system. I didn't know one could be this drained. I was afraid my legs would give out. Funny thing is, I was about to write an article about exhaustion before I left for my appointment.

Hell, I didn't even know what exhaustion was.

Even though I've been feeling it all week.

And why did I even go to the hairdresser? I'm afraid of hair appointments for a reason!

I have so much work to do today and absolutely zilch energy to do it.

I just want to lie down on the couch and be still until one of the following two happens:

  1. My energy levels improve.
  2. My mood improves in such a manner that it doesn't matter that my energy levels don't.

Right now, I'm straddling the fence between giving up and not giving a fuck.

The two are very different.

The second might be more beneficial in terms of productivity and health.

I might give it a try.