Two Ways to Have Cheat Days

. 1 min read

As a logical continuation from yesterday, let's discuss two ways to have cheat days, or as I call them, everything goes days. (Both are just fancy terms for letting go of your rules and surrendering yourself to life and chaos for a day.)

Way 1:

Mark in your calendar the days when you'll have a cheat day. Choose ten days and mark them, distributing them all over your upcoming weeks. You can choose the days strategically, or outsource the choosing to a dice or other randomizer. This way you'll get hyped up about the approaching cheat day whenever you see the marking in your calendar. This also allows you to plan your cheat day ahead of time, go to bed excited the night before, and wake up early to the feeling of freedom and joy.

Way 2:

Decide spontaneously that today is your cheat day. Don't plan it ahead of time; wake up thinking that this will be just another day, completely ordinary, nothing special - and bam, at a random moment, going about your day, you decide that now starts your cheat day. You ditch work, get all your favorite foods and drinks, and spend the rest of the day doing what you crave the most (read: The Simpsons marathon). Knowing that you should be at work increases the feeling of life and chaos and doing something forbidden, which enhances the intensity with which you relax and enjoy yourself and load your mental batteries. (As long as you don't do it every day.)

Either will work, as long as neither becomes ordinary. Even breakfast pancakes lose their specialness if you have them every day.