WIP's Guide to London

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Hi guys! This week the WIP site is filled with daily articles about travel destinations. As always, the writer retains the chance for humorous content and ironic touch. You're welcome to be inspired and plan your travels according to the WIP travel guides, but keep in mind that yours truly stands by Ralph Waldo Emerson when he says that "traveling is a fool's paradise". However, yours truly also notes that traveling can be both fun and about breaking your comfort zone. Embrace the world!

We're starting with London, UK.

London is a funny city. In a way, it's all over the place. It thinks it's a big deal, a huge metropolis, but then drowns itself in little suburbs like Notting Hill and what not. I had the chance of staying in a hotel by Hyde Park, and while the room was small, the park offered a nice setting for morning walks. There was also a Fuller's pub around the corner, a lovely breakfast place in the next building with pink wallpaper all around for a traditional English breakfast, and a short walk to Oxford Circus. Here's your cheat sheet for London:

1. Transport
While London is a great city to walk around in, get a public transport card. Even if you don't end up using it, it gives you a peace of mind, especially if you 1) chose a hotel far from the centre, 2) want to see Notting Hill and Camden and whatever there are, 3) took an airplane there and need to get somewhere from the airport. (Mind you, getting from the airport to the hotel was a pain in the butt. Figure it out beforehand.)

2. Hotel
Get a hotel in the centre. I don't care what it costs. I don't care if the room is small. I don't care if breakfast isn't included. Get a hotel in the centre - it'll save you a lot of trouble.

3. Entourage
For heaven's sake, do not go to London with anyone if you aren't absolutely sure you get along with and can work together in a new city. I was ready to call by partner to get me out of there the first day. This goes both without saying and for all traveling in general, but choose your traveling buddies from a pool of positive, relaxed, and problem solving people. Duhh.

4. What to see
See whatever you want. You can go for the tourist attractions of Buckingham Palace or the London Eye or the Big Ben or the Tower Bridge or Tussaud's. Or you can be a hipster and go for Notting Hill and Camden. Or you can do your trip like a local and just walk around in the centre. See a musical or a play if you can, although I can't say I recommend The Mousetrap - it was kind of boring. And predictable. (Then again, I'd read the book.)

5. What to eat
Fish and chips with a pint of beer, all meals, every day.

There - all you need for a perfect trip to London, UK! Tomorrow, we're going to Paris.