100 Days Until Christmas 2019!

. 2 min read

I simply cannot believe it's been an entire year since I posted the last 100 Days Until Christmas article! We talked about using the remaining 100 days to finish everything there is to finish before taking the time to enjoy the holiday spirit to the fullest. Because let's face it, come Christmas, the year is basically over. And you need to finish your projects to feel refreshed for the new year. (Unless you have a project that takes decades to finish - in which case, finish a milestone within that project.) Exactly one year ago I also baked an entire gingerbread village and videotaped it and posted it on the Worth in Progress YouTube channel.

Let's just say that it was an amazing day. There were Christmas carols and Christmas food and candles and a tree and gifts. Plus, my journey with WIP had just begun so I was still super enthusiastic about it.

Now, a year later, my excitement for Christmas hasn't changed. If anything, it's grown stronger. I'm beyond psyched! What has changed, though, is my enthusiasm towards WIP. Now that I no longer have to do it every day, I've let it slip quite profoundly. On the one hand, it feels like I have nothing left to say (which, of course, isn't true at all). On the other hand, I've come more into touch with my true purpose, and WIP isn't it. So there's that.

However, none of this changes the beyond awesome fact that today, it's 100 days until Christmas day and that means that you're officially allowed to start hyping about Christmas!

So yes, start finishing (finishfinishfinish mentality) all your ongoing projects - but also realize that it's finally the time of the year that you can start to get excited about gifts. And decorations. And candles. And mulled wine. And cards.

Actually, these two aren't two opposing forces. In fact, you can use the idea of the Christmas of your dreams to motivate you to earn it. Work your butt off this fall to deserve the wonderful and relaxed and peaceful time of Christmas.

If you want the rabbit to hop, show it a carrot cake.