100 days until Christmas 2023

. 1 min read

For some, the beginning of September signals that the year is about to end and that you should start thinking about finishing your projects for the year. For some, the signal never comes, because they don't limit their projects to single years. And for some, the signal never comes because they have no projects.

Then there are those weirdos who count the days to Christmas all year round and to whom today is the signal because it's 100 days until Christmas Day.

Then there are those cool kids who have a mini-celebration today, one that includes gingerbread cookies and a Christmas movie and carols and a mini Christmas tree with lights and decorations.

For those cool kids, work stuff needs to be finished before December even starts. So they have less than 100 days left.

But that's okay, because Christmas is coming, and nothing is impossible when Christmas is coming.


P.S. The ghost on board the Polar Express is the hero boy's... Jungian shadow?