30 Days Until Christmas!

. 1 min read

Hello hello! What a wonderful day it is - generally, yes, but also for an important Christmas preparation task - card making! Get your papers and glues and pens and let's get to it!

Okay, I'm not completely living in a bubble - I recognize the fact that most people do not either have the time or the desire to make their own Christmas cards. And I cannot blame them. There's so much more things to get done as well. Jobs. Kids. Projects. Other Christmas preparations. I won't try to make you feel bad about yourself if you're one of these people, quite the contrary in fact. It's okay to get the cards from the store and just do the writing yourself - the fact that you're remembering your family and friends at Christmas is what matters.

But if you like doing your own cards or at least have decided to do so, and possibly have already chosen on the style of this year's cards, then now is the time to make them! If you haven't already, that is. (Like yours truly.)

The best way to do this is to

  1. Put on Christmas music
  2. Get yourself a glass of wine, ideally mulled
  3. Light a scented candle
  4. Gather everything you need from supplies to ideas
  5. See that the candle and the wine glass are at a sufficient distance from the supplies
  6. Don't panic.

Number six is especially important to remember since the cards do not always turn out the way you originally envisioned. You may go through unnecessary detailing or end up trashing some of the sketches. Or all of them.

But at some point you'll be done, and they'll be so beautiful that the recipients will definitely love them, and you get to mark this Christmas task as done. All you need to do then is to mail them and start expecting cards addressed to yourself - while expecting Christmas itself.