5 totally unnecessary beauty products | Week of lists

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Our week of lists continues! Today, we're listing five totally unnecessary beauty products. Things you don't need at all. You look (and probably feel) better without them. Some of the products on this list are more feminine than others, but there's no reason why men cannot benefit from reading this article as well, so please do. Here goes!

1. Self tanning products.
This is actually what inspired me to write this article. I was doing some research online last weekend about organic self tanners to light up my pale winter skin. I even found one, and picking it up at a store and showing it to my partner, I asked what he would think if I bought and used it. He said it was fine, and immediately added he didn't see the point in self tanners. Taking his opinion into account, I put the product down and decided to think about it for another week (as it was organic, the product was fairly expensive). We bought organic turmeric tea instead and left the store. Ten minutes later, I saw a woman who had obviously used a self tanner and looked displeasingly unnatural. It hit me. Why would I pour money down the drain to make my skin look unnatural? I had no guarantee the product would suit me or not make my skin orange. The only way to get a truly natural and natural-looking tan is to be outside during a sunny summer day, and therefore it's also natural to look paler in the winter. Natural is always more beautiful than fake. Ditch the self tanner.

2. Hair dye.
I finished reading Amy Poehler's memoir Yes Please last night. In the book, she mentions that one of the things her mother taught her was to dye her hair constantly. (If she was kidding, it was not pointed out.) Having done my fair share of dying my hair and getting my hair dyed in the past, I immediately rejected the idea and labeled Amy's mother as someone not to listen to. This comes down to the natural look again. First, getting your hair dyed well is freaking expensive, and dying your hair yourself is a pain in the butt. Second, you have to do it regularly to avoid weird roots. Third, a dyed hair needs more maintenance than an undyed hair. Fourth, an undyed hair looks more natural and has a more natural shine and health to it than a dyed one. I reckon everyone's natural hair color suits them best.

3. Eyelash extensions.
Oh dear, where do I start. Well, obviously, eyelash extensions do not look natural. And if there's too much of them attached to your own lashes, you simply look, well, cheap. Trash. Also they may cause chalazions and conjunctivitis and what other infections to your eyes and eyelids. And they're inconvenient, having to put them into place, and what if they fall off. Just... no. Use mascara/powder/mascara if you want volume in your lashes.

4. Hair extensions.
Okay, this is the first one that might look natural if done well, but hair extensions are still unnecessary. You really don't need them. The effect they may have on your looks is quite minimal. You can work miracles with the hair you have naturally on your head - even if you're bald.

5. Shaving cream.
Men don't need this, women don't need this - no matter what hair you're shaving, you don't need to buy shaving cream. You can use a special electric razor that doesn't irritate your skin, or you can make your own cream with hair shampoo or conditioner or whatever you have in the shower to moisturize and protect your skin while you shave. Or see what you have in the kitchen and cook up a cream with natural ingredients your skin will love. You'll never need store-bought shaving creme again.

That's it - five totally unnecessary beauty products! By ditching these, life will become easier, more natural, and have less needless fuss. Having said that, if you like to use these products, then go for it - always value your own opinion over those of others. You know your preferences, situations, and life in general better than anyone else.