50 days until Christmas!

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It's 50 days until Christmas - how time flies! Seems only yesterday when I started this Christmas countdown article series, when it was 100 days until Christmas and I talked about finishing projects before the holidays. And now, quite suddenly, half of the wait has passed.

Which means, naturally, that it's time to write to Santa. I recommend you do this also.

So here goes mine.

Dear Santa,

I hope you're well - I am too. In fact, I've been quite good this year. Better than most years, I'd say. I've learned to take action instead of complaining about circumstances I can affect. I left the job that was killing my soul - and it wasn't on a whim, for I'd been miserable for two years already. I finally did something about it, and it makes me feel good about myself - I didn't know beforehand if I had the courage or not.

In July, I started my own business (yet again) and have been consistently grinding on it every day since the beginning. It's still to bear any significant amount of fruit but I'll keep grinding until it does. I'll make it work, one way or another.

Not to mention that between April and September this year, I had it in me to lose 22 lb. Not that being skinny is that important to me, but boy how great I felt when I finally achieved the goal and proved to myself I could do it. Because it was no easy task. But I did it.

I also finally took some serious action with regards to the book I'd been planning since April 2017. It's almost finished now - I'll make sure it's done (written and edited) this month, I promise. I've improved my writing a lot since my first novel. You'll see.

Finally, I've tried my best to be the best spouse I can be. Most times it's only been about controlling my emotions and giving my significant other what they need. Sounds easy when I say it like that. Perhaps this is less an active achievement on my part and more about my low-maintenance spouse.

Dear Santa, I don't ask for anything this Christmas. While it may sound a bit corny, I only wish for a peaceful Christmas - that I can create the Christmas of my dreams, filled with traditional foods, scented candles, cards, carols, a tree, ornaments, and a fireplace. And silence, and gift giving. A snowflake or two wouldn't hurt, but if the skies won't offer any, I'll make paper versions and tape them on the windows.

Happy Christmas time to you and your family!


P.S. I understand you have a lot of work in your hands this time of the year. Let me know if I can help with anything - I'd love to participate.