53 % of November

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Time has finally started to fly. While the first half of this month seemed to drag on forever, now that it's past the halfway mark, I expect days to just rush by. After all, by definition, that is what happens after the halfway mark.

Two weeks. What are two weeks to rocks and mountains? (Sorry. I watched Pride & Prejudice yesterday while having a headache day at home.)

It's true, though. Two weeks is nothing. It'll be gone in a flash. Especially if I have to waste any more days in a headache. (Or a sore toe, which I had this morning. Completely random. Oh well.)

Here's a fun activity: go to a restaurant, order a steak, and then look at the waiter's face when you decline all offers for side dishes. It usually goes something like this:

Me: "A sirloin steak, medium rare, with garlic butter, please."
Waiter: "Thank you. And which potatoes would you like?"
Me: "No potatoes, please."
Waiter: "Ah. A salad, then?"
Me: "No salad either, please."
Waiter (staring at me a little): "The steak comes with sauteed vegetables, would you like some more of those, then?"
Me: "You can leave them out, I won't eat them anyway."
Waiter (in complete shock): "So... just steak and butter?"
Me (with a happy smile): "Yes, please!"

Seriously, try it. It's wonderful. (Both the look on the waiter's face and the dish.)

In other news: snow. For the first time this fall. Only a little, but still. And other incomplete sentences to express the joy I feel for the approaching winter.