6 beyond awesome things that make you appreciate you're alive | Week of lists

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OMG! I'm so excited about today's article! I actually just came up with the title and am now going to improvise the entire list. Wish me luck, and check out the other totally superb lists of this week from the home page!

1. The wind.
You know where I am right now? Sitting on the floor of my office, having just run/jogged here from home. The journey was nasty - I felt like stopping and walking the rest of the way - but I made it, I leaped up the stairs to my floor, entered my office, and pulled the window wide open. Cold wind, infused with the promise of spring, is flowing in right now, refreshing my sweaty neck. I can also see the sun rise and hear the birds sing. How freaking cool is this?! (Wind is also great when you're running. Running in stale air is beyond torture.)

2. Temperature changes.
I may have talked about this too much here on WIP but boy, isn't it wonderful to have the opportunity to take an icy cold shower after exhausting in the steam room for 20 minutes; stand naked in winter air, and jump under a blanket afterwards; lying in the sun after swimming in the sea. I live in such a place on Earth where there are four seasons. Some seasons are better than others, and I have entertained myself with the idea of moving somewhere where there's only spring and autumn (and perhaps a mild winter), but I'd still prefer four seasons over just one. It would be unbearable both physically and mentally and getting-anything-donetally to live in a place of eternal summer.

3. Excellent food.
My life changed a few years ago when I discovered avocado, and after that, I used to make guacamole and have it with lentils and chicken and roasted vegetables back when I was neither vegan nor doing keto. Lately I've been making cauliflower mash (with loads of butter and salt; better than mashed potatoes, I'm telling you) with either boiled eggs of fried chicken, and guacamole on top. It's beyond delicious. I get such a high when eating delicious food like this that also makes both my body and my mind feel unstoppable.

4. The rain.
Ooh, I could go on about this forever! The rain is probably the best weather phenomenon, right after the wind. I loooove the rain. Running in the rain is the best way to run I think. Also, walking in the rain is beyond refreshing. Rain (and wind, and low temperature) makes summer tolerable. When you lift your face towards the sky, the falling rain on your cheeks and lips and nose and forehead makes you feel truly alive, and grateful for it. The rain wakes up nature in the spring. In the autumn, the falling rain dancing on leaves of all colors, is the most beautiful music to the ear. What's not to love?

5. Running, or other exercise.
I personally love running because of the unstoppable feeling it gives me. I reckon it's the endorphin rush. Do not underestimate the power of the endorphin rush! It's like a drug you can get addicted to, but a positive one. You'll see things in a whole new light during it. The situations you thought to be unsolvable earlier turn into opportunities. You see solutions to problems. You see the good in life. You're glad you're alive. Honestly, I think depression could be cured by breaking a sweat. If you haven't tried it yet, I warmly recommend it.

6. Thinking about the nature of life.
You know how you know something, and that makes you think everyone else knows it as well? I used to think everyone saw the way the world I see it, and that everyone thinks of life the way I think of it. But of course each person's point of view is different. I think of life as a simulation, and the world around me as a matrix (for the lack of a better word). This makes me both unafraid of death (physical death at least), and grateful I get to experience the simulation. I can't take it for granted because I have no undeniable recollection of ever being here before. Sure, it's possible I'm in eternal limbo, being assigned another simulation right after I exit one; but I can't be sure. Looking around at the detailed and exhaustingly beautiful matrix that offers endless opportunities, I can't help but feel lucky to be here.

There! Do you agree with my list? What makes you appreciate life? Hopefully you have an awesome day, filled with love for life. Cheers!


P.S. 300 days until Christmas 2019! YES! [insert party hat emoticon here]