6 utterly superb ways to spring up your home | Week of lists

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Hi guys! It's March, and in my book, it means that spring is here! Totally regardless of the weather outside, I choose to hear the birds sing, see the sun shine, and feel the temperature rise a little. To bring the spring inside your home as well, here are 6 utterly superb ways to do it!

1. Plants.
Whatever plants you like, be they large green leafy ones or simple potted flowers, buy them and place them around your home. The living green inside not only makes your spaces feel more springy, but they also lift your spirits towards the new season.

2. New curtains.
Did you have heavy and dark curtains on your windows all winter? Take them down and replace them with lighter curtains with a fresh color of your choosing. The color brings new life to the space, and the lightness of the fabric lets more natural light inside.

3. Open your windows and doors.
If the temperature allows it, open your windows and balcony doors. Fresh air comes flowing in and the sound of birds singing is a sure sign of spring.

4. Change textiles.
Apart from the curtains, you can also give a break to your old blankets and throw pillow cases. Take those to the storage and replace them with ones of a brighter color, like green or yellow or blue - whatever you like - to make your home look fresh and also signal your brain that spring is here.

5. Dust the surfaces.
I'm only mentioning this because I do this far too rarely - I'm sure you dust your surfaces adequately. It may be a messy job, but once you're done, the air seems lighter to breathe, in a very spring-like manner.

6. Wash the floor.
This is not necessarily a particularly springy activity, but I find that washing the floor with a specific soap tells my subconscious that it's spring time. There's something in the scent of the soap that makes my home feel fresh and ready for the season.

Six ways! Ultimate spring home makeover! Embrace the new season!