60 Days until Christmas Eve 2021

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Brace yourself, Christmas is coming!

Yes, I'm lame, using old Game of Thrones memes like that. But I don't care. I own my lameness. After all, I'm a Christmas enthusiast! I'm lame by nature!

Back in 2018, I wrote an entire Christmas countdown article series about the approaching Christmas, starting from 100 days until, up to 10 days until, every ten days. So let's see what I wrote about 60 days until, back in 2018:

Now, when I say thinking about Christmas cards, I'm not suggesting you make them yet, even though you can if you want to. I'm above all suggesting you start thinking about it - going on a Google Image search frenzy about card style ideas and maybe getting some more red cardboard if you're out.

So... I was already thinking about cards? Was I serious? Geez! It's only October! It's not even Halloween yet! No wonder I ended up burning through the excitement mid-December.

(Apparently I had also procured all decorations ten days earlier already. While that's a bit too early in my current opinion, I have to admit that even the present me has already bought some ornaments for this year's tree. Because, you know, I'm lame.)


my current situation is that I haven't started thinking about card designs yet. What I have done, though, is

  1. buy four advent calendars (which is not enough)
  2. make a mental list of all the chocolate boxes I need for December (all of them, basically)
  3. choose themes for two Christmas tree decorations (rustic and art deco)
  4. start a list of all movies I'll watch in December and not before (so far: Tenet, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, all Harry Potter movies, Alien, the first Terminator, the original Lion King)
  5. buy tickets for the Nutcracker ballet.

I think this is plenty... although I have to admit that I could also be looking at card design inspiration...

To the best Christmas ever!


Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash