7 totally kick-ass weekend activities | Week of lists

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Week of lists continues with the longest list yet! With 7 options available, you can choose your favourite activities to do the next couple of days. Have the time of your life with a weekend to remember!

1. A movie marathon
I've been into movies as long as I can remember and whenever a movie marathon is suggested, I'm always up for it, regardless of what time of the day it is. (Yes, I have had movie marathons in the middle of the night and in the morning and in the afternoon.) The key here is that you choose at least three movies that are connected somehow; the easiest way is to choose movies from the same franchise, or one movie and its two sequels/prequels. My favourites are Sergio Leone's Dollar trilogy, Peter Jackson's LotR trilogy, and any combination of three installments of the original Harry Potter series (in chronological order). A Johnny English trilogy also intrigues me; the first three PotC movies are a good combo; The Godfather trilogy kills with awesomeness. Get the movies, get the snacks, get the entourage (or not), and enjoy. Duration: from 4.5 to 9 hours.

2. Getting a takeaway coffee and walking around in a city
Especially if the weather is good, and especially if it's a little cold outside, getting a nice large cup of your favourite joe and walking around windowshopping and enjoying the day in general is the perfect way to spend a spring day. You get fresh air. You get exercise. You get that delicious beverage. You get to do whatever you like in a chilled and hurryless manner. Dress according to the temperature, and go out to get that coffee and enjoy yourself, your hometown, the weather, and life in general. Duration: as long as it pleases you, usually from 2 to 5 hours.

3. Camping
Ahh, camping! I was never a scout when I was a kid, but I used to go camping during one or two summers in my childhood (around age 10 I think) and it was a blast. Putting up your own tent and sleeping in it was totally awesome! The best part about camping is that everything you could ever need travels with you - the tent, the food, the supplies, everything - and you can just pack up and walk to another place if you so desired. Also the ability to survive in the wilderness strengthens your confidence as well. Fresh air, wildlife, lakes, beautiful sunrises and sunsets... Totally worth the effort. Duration: however long you like, for example 1 or 2 nights.

4. Rock climbing
Rock climbing is an especially good activity to do because you don't necessarily have to go far to do it - if there's a indoor climbing centre in your town, you can do it there. Climbing is hard exercise, but you'll have so much fun you won't notice your muscles screaming until the next day. Indoor climbing offers a chance to climb walls safely for the inexperienced and experienced alike. (And if you're already an experienced climber, you probably know a good outdoor cliff to climb in your area and know to head there for fun.) Duration: depending on your enthusiasm and shape, 1 to 4 hours.

5. Writing a short story or a novella
As a writer, this is probably my favourite item on this list. If you're not used to writing, getting a short story out of your head during a weekend could be a wild experience. If you're an experienced writer, you probably type rather quickly, and you can push the length of your story over the short story limit to the novella length. This doesn't require the long-term commitment that writing a full-length novel does; you really can do this during one weekend. You get to think of the storyline, start the story, and finish the story, in a very short period of time - which in turn gives you a wonderful feeling of finishing and creative achievement. I warmly recommend this! Duration: from 12 to 36 hours.

6. Making a painting
While I admit I'm not a very good painter (a showcase of my lack of talent can be seen in the painting behind me in this video), I like the act of painting itself. Because I know it doesn't have to turn out good. Or tasteful. Or aesthetically pleasing. All that is required that you enjoy yourself. You'll need a canvas, some paint (I use acryllic paint - it washes out from the brushes easily), a brush, and an open mind. If you have no idea as to what to paint, choose a Bob Ross tutorial and follow that. Or just splash color on canvas and see what your subconscious comes up with. You may end up having more fun than you thought you would! Duration: depending on the size of your canvas and painting technique, from 1 to 16 hours (but don't set a time frame!).

7. Upcycling your old clothes
This last activity on the list is for those of you who have a knack for DIY and/or sewing and other textile handling. Chances are you have one or more items in your wardrobe that you never use, because they don't fit properly, or because the color doesn't suit you, or because they're broken, or because there's something about the piece that doesn't please you. Before throwing the items to the trash or giving them to charity, take the pieces out of the closet, lay them out, and look at them with an open mind. Could that ugly shirt work as a case for a throw pillow? Or a purse? Would that oversized skirt fit you perfectly if you just took it in a little bit? You can give a whole new life to pieces that would be doomed otherwise with surprisingly little tweaks. Try it out and see what you come up with! Duration: from 1 to 12 hours.

There you go - kick-ass activities to do this weekend! Hopefully you found interesting ideas and had the strength to read the whole thing. Have a great weekend, and visit the site again tomorrow for another awesome list!