90 days until Christmas!

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As you may have already guessed, yes, I'm going to make a Christmas post every 10 days until it's Christmas. Because why not? Christmas is a special time, regardless of whether you think it's a religious birthday celebration or just a holiday to spend with your friends and loved ones over delicious food and gift exchange.

While the 100 days until Christmas article was about how you still have time to finish projects and wrap the year up in terms of achievements before the holiday, this article is about avoiding last minute gift catastrophe.

It is never too early to start listing Christmas gift ideas.

If you're one of those people who wait until December 24th to go gift shopping - only to walk around an apartment store without finding any meaningful gifts and just end up getting everyone chocolates - then this advice is for you.

Have a piece of paper or a notepad app on your phone ready at all times so that when you get a gift idea in your head, you can write it down. If you don't write it down immediately, you're sure to forget about it. The idea can be receiver specific or general, it doesn't matter - general ideas you get out of the blue are infinitely better than forced chocolate gifts. Just write down the idea as soon as you get it, be it April or Septemper or December, or the previous Christmas - you could get inspired about a gift you received yourself or saw someone else receive and got an idea for a gift that way. Just be sure to write it down.

Have all the gift ideas you get during the year in one piece of paper or notebook or notepad app, so that when the late fall rolls around, you have a ready list to refer to and you won't end up walking around an apartment store, trying to find something you don't know you're looking for. You may even find an item on the list during the summer or already in the spring - you can get it right then and there and store it until you've got the rest of the gifts and it's wrapping time.

Mind you, if you've been a superman and found all gifts by October, you can wrap them up in October already and store them in a place only you know about.

Late bird Christmas gift catastrophe averted! Now you can focus on the wonderful feeling of waiting for Christmas Day with no worries about gifts!


P.S. Worrying about the Christmas menu is a whole other matter. More of this later.