A glass half empty

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I totally forgot to say yesterday - Happy New Year guys! How did you spend you New Year's Eve? Did you watch the fireworks? Did you attend a party? Did you plan the new year? I hope you had an amazing and inspiring night. I myself had a New Year seminar, watched Sergio Leone's For a Few Dollars More, and then observed the fireworks from my balcony. And then I went to bed. (I'm not very fond of New Year's Eve celebrations or parties. I enjoy January 1st and the feeling of the beginning of the new year a lot more.)

Last week, I talked about attitude in the Reinvent Your Life video series on the Worth in Progress Youtube channel - I encouraged you to think about the way you think about things. With regards to that, I would like to propose an attitude change. You know how optimistic people like to say the glass if half full?

But what's so wrong about a half empty glass, if you don't like the contents?

For example, in the sixth Harry Potter novel and movie, there's a scene in which Potter has to make Dumbledore drink poison. The old man is begging for him to stop pouring the black liquid down his throat, yet Potter continues, since Dumbledore had previously given him orders to disobey his orders and make him drink it all. The sitation is tough for both of them - Dumbledore is in pain and Potter hates himself for causing it - and I'm positive the both of them would like to see the container in which the poison is rather half empty than half full.

So it's not always optimistic to see the glass half full. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, you can try to encourage yourself to finish the struggle by seeing the cup draining up. Only one gulp, one sip more, and you're done.