A hack to make yourself do things you've been procrastinating to do

. 2 min read

I recently discovered an amazing hack. I've got tons and tons of things in my to-do list and I've been procrastinating hard with them. Not very typical of me, and I've been beating myself up mentally for not getting them done. It makes me sick, knowing I still haven't done some things that would clearly advance my goals and increase meaning in my life.

Then I did some research for WIP about Jordan Peterson - I read his Quora answers and watched a few lectures on YouTube - and suddenly, the next day, I was already doing one of the things on the list and was able to check it off.

I was so surprised at this sudden burst of getting-things-done attitude that I almost failed to grasp what had caused it. But I don't think any other explanation would fit the bill. I had slept and eaten that same way as before. The only thing that had changed was the sudden Peterson immersion.

A similar event has happened before in my life. When I studied in the university, and I knew I had to reach peak state for exams, I would listen to a motivational video by Jaret Grossman just before going in the exam room. And it worked. I was super pumped up and got good grades in the courses that I wanted to get good grades in. And whenever I felt like I didn't have the energy to handle two jobs and school at the same time, I'd listen to other speeches from him. He always lifted my spirits and made me think I could do it if I just worked hard enough.

I don't know if it's about what these men are saying when they talk. It could just as well be their voices as they are. Once your subconscious starts to associate positive and encouraging and get-your-shit-together speehces to certain voices, it no longer matters what they are saying. They could be talking about the weather - as long as the voice is the same.

Try it. Listen to a few lectures by Peterson or some speeches from Grossman. See if you start to feel pumped up about working and grinding and giving it your all.


P.S. After the Peterson immersion, I also somehow started cleaning my house more.