A horrible twist of fate!

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As we're speaking, I'm visiting a city in my country - a city that I rarely visit. Last time was two years ago. I always forget what a terrible city this is. I walked around today and saw that there's nothing in here but drunkards, filthy pubs, and, for lack of a better word, white trash people. There are no decent restaurants. There are no classy bars. Nothing (except one exceptionally excellent museum!) good enough for my spoiled brat ass. I had to eat chain restaurant sushi for lunch, God forbid!

And so, by a horrible twist of fate, I'm drinking a mule in the rooftop bar of our hotel while my partner is away playing chess in a local tournament.  Quite frankly, it's not that bad. The cocktail is decent. The view is awesome, even though the entire tower of a hotel is engulfed in a rain cloud right now.

I'm ironic, of course, about the trouble. It's not my favorite city, but everything is perfect right now. Ever since on the way here when I heard in the car radio someone talk about "surrendering your troubles to Jesus," I've felt kinda good. Even though I don't exactly think of Jesus as a part of my religion. But somehow, I immediately applied the advice to my own God, and lo and behold, I had this revelation:

You can erase your accumulated troubles and see today as a fresh start of your new life, regardless of age.

Apparently I had never thought about that before. (Of course I had. But it never clicked the same way.)


P.S. Cocktails also help.

P.P.S. Yes, we listen to Christian radio.