A jellyfish in space

. 1 min read

What happens if you take a highly principled person, one who is accustomed to goal and deadline and order oriented living, and throw them into chaos - an existence void of structure, schedule, and rules?

Sooner or later, they turn into a jellyfish in space. They're soft mush. They desperately try to swim their way forward and fail miserably without gravity or resistance, only to stay exactly where they are.

I somewhat resent the narrative that modern media is pushing where everyone is burnt out and everyone just needs to take a long vacay and travel the world. It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed.

Then again, if I fall into the trap of letting myself get manipulated by the modern media, the joke's on me.

Take one day off. Or two. It could be perfectly enough for a highly principled person. If you take too long a holiday, you run the risk of becoming a jellyfish.

There's nothing more inspiring and refreshing than some rules after a long period of rulelessness.


Photo by Genton Damian on Unsplash