A million lives

. 1 min read

A few weeks back, I talked about anxious attachment and how to ditch that and become securely attached instead. To be honest, the advice I gave in these two posts seems to mainly apply to relationships and friendships between people - and specifically, how to stop adapting yourself to be someone you think others want you to be.

But completely unrelated to people and relationships, how do you detach from obsessing over a particular outcome? How do you let go of a want when you want it badly yet aren't in control of its realization?

Well, here's an idea:

The manifestation of your desire already exists in your mind, in the metaphysical level. So if you can't sense the object of your desire in this reality, all you need to do is close your eyes and imagine the world where your desire is reality.

You have a million lives inside your head. You can go live one of those any time you want. Feel what you want to feel there. Then come back and appreciate the wonderfulness of your "real" reality.


P.S. I pity the fool people who don't have an imagination. Apparently they exist.