A new productivity strategy

. 1 min read

So here's what's up:

I've been freaking out lately about the amount of work that I've managed to amass for myself. It's starting to feel like I need to hire an extensive staff, including a marketer, a programmer, a graphic designer, and a general assistant. While knowing how to handle everything that running a business includes is essential, I increasingly find myself dreaming of the day when all I need to do is say yes or no.

On the one hand, I could just cut out all the parts that aren't generating revenue or are unessential or not core to the business - and that might be a good idea if I hadn't just decided that in order to be constantly inspired to work, I must have several projects that I can switch between.

I totally want to keep everything that I've created. I'm psyched about the idea that I'm running a multi-industry business. But with that comes a TON of work.

So, instead of cutting out the unneeded, I decided to try dividing the workweek such that different days are given to different tasks. Instead of doing a little bit of everything every day, I'm doing one thing on Monday, another thing on Tuesday, and so on. I've created a cheat sheet that tells me what I'm supposed to be doing on any given day.

It's kind of a role mentality: as the entrepreneur-CEO, I embody the role of the programmer on some days, the graphic designer on other days, and the assistant on certain days.

However, it's only day 1 and I'm already exhausted. But that might be because I embodied the programmer all morning and it's a tough job for me personally.

So, at least for the time being, scheduling is everything.

Without a schedule, nothing gets done.