A perspective on religion

. 2 min read

The more I pray, the clearer I see the world as a place of god's creation. It's harder and harder by the day for me to turn off the lens through which I look around - the lens, for the lack of a better word, that makes the physical world look so much like a video game or a game of life or a simulation or whatever. (I know I sound cliche. You don't need to point it out.)

What's more, the more I think about this, the more it seems like all religions actually have the same god: the programmer of this simulation. Whichever religion you think of, it has a god that created the universe. How is that any different from any other religion, including the one I follow?

You might point out that different religions have different sets of rules, and some religions approve of murder for example, while others do not. But I don't think these rules ever came from god. They were created by the followers of the religion to establish order.

This applies to other peculiarities of religions as well. People want rules and specific myths that separate them from others so they feel like they belong to a group. It's human nature also to want to suffer and to have to earn good things. I don't think god demands people to go to church, or pray, or slaughter sacrificial lambs, or not eat on a specific day. I don't think he cares. In fact, I think he left to get coffee after pressing "exe" and hasn't even come back yet.

Perhaps I don't know enough about different religions to state this, but I think it makes sense. I'm not against, or in favor of, any particular religion, because I think they're all the same. What differs are the myths and metaphors people have created around god. That, and that alone, has caused religions to separate - even if they all point to the same entity, and even if that entity doesn't care about the myths and customs devoted to him.

It's something like that.