A Spartan hack

. 2 min read

If you know your history regarding ancient Greece, or if you've just seen the movie 300, then you know that Spartans were a bunch of feisty, even bloodthirsty warriors that feared nothing. Some might think Spartans aren't relevant in the modern world anymore - after all, most wars are fought by diplomacy. But that some would be wrong, because it is not war but your everyday life that the Spartan grit can be introduced to.

For who wouldn't want to be as strong and persistent and relentless as a Spartan warrior?

The good news is, you don't need to go wielding a sword in strangers' faces in order to find that Spartan grit. You don't need to transform yourself into a bloodthirsty beast. You can keep the best of both worlds - stay the person you are and add the Spartan element to your personality - with one tiny everyday hack.

That hack is: take a freezing cold shower every morning for at least 30 seconds at a time.

I know a person who, knowing they had a hard month ahead of them, realized they had to strengthen their minds in order to survive the upcoming 30 days. In essence, they had to start regarding themselves as a tough Spartan. So, they started taking cold showers every morning - as cold water as the shower would give. They would bite their tongue of the discomfort and pain for a preset time, and either step out of the shower or turn the water heat up after it. They knew that if they could do this, they would survive the month like any Spartan would - and if they couldn't, even just once, the game would be over.

So cheers to them for this hack; the credit belongs to you.

Next time you feel like you can't do something or you don't deserve something or there's something you know you should do but don't think you're capable of it, take a cold shower and think of yourself as a Spartan warrior who fights fearlessly and never gives up. You can find that Spartan grit inside you, I guarantee it. And when you do, you'll realize you're not only capable of those things that intimidated you before, but so much more.