A totally awesome substitute for dairy

. 1 min read

I mentioned in this WIP video that I eat dairy free keto. My stomach can handle very little dairy - something I painfully remembered this morning after devouring almost an entire jar of Nick's ice cream last night - and I strive to stay away from it at all costs. (I'm not perfect, you know. I strolled casually to the ice cream section at the store and I was hungry at the time and they had a new flavor I hadn't tried before and it was movie night and insert other lame excuses here.)

It's fairly easy to abstain from dairy once you've got over the cravings, but sometimes you just want something cheesy. And that's when nutritional yeast comes to the picture. I mentioned in this WIP video that you could perhaps make a cheese-like pizza sauce of nutritional yeast and cashews, yet personally I've been unsuccessful. Then about a week ago I tried making a cheesy paste out of macadamia nuts and nutritional yeast and butter and salt. Guess what?

It was super delicious!

Almost too delicious, I might add - because ever since I tasted the cheesy paste I've been slightly craving cheetos. Like regular cheetos. That are made of corn flour and thus full of carbs. Which I can't have. Because I eat keto.

So it's kind of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it's not dairy, but tastes like cheese, and has a lot of vitamin B. On the other hand, it made me crave the wrong things. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't resist cheetos, nor that you would get cravings when eating goods made of nutritional yeast. After all, vegans seem to be doing fine. (Then again, vegan food is delicious. No wonder they can resist cheese.)

After all this pondering, a final note: if you're trying to eliminate dairy from your diet and have massive cheese cravings, nutritional yeast could help you in the process. You can even integrate it into your diet permanently. However, be aware that the product might cause cravings.