About my sisters

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By happenstance, the notorious YouTube algorithm recommended a video by Lillie Kane, the carnivore ray of sunshine, to me yesterday. In the video, she was explaining why she didn't want kids and referred to an earlier video where she talked about her childhood trauma; I watched that video too. She explained how she had had an epiphany: she didn't want kids because she had learned from her mother that children are a mistake that you will deeply regret.

This brings to the topic of the day, which is: my two awesome sisters. I don't usually speak of them. But I shall do so now. Here are a word or two about them.

I think I have mentioned before that I'm a middle child. My older sister is six years older than me; my younger sister is six years younger than me. The age difference is enough to make the sibling dynamic unusually interesting (though I don't know if my baby sis even remembers ever living in the same house with my elder sis).

My older sister is one tough cookie. She had to go through a LOT in her youth. She's the personification of the Nietzsche quote, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. She's street-smart, she doesn't take stupid humor personally, she's always there if you need her, and she has a wonderful sense of interior decoration style. She wants to make the world around her more beautiful, and she can do a ridiculous British accent.

My younger sister has an artistic soul. A true empath, she takes in every mood and attitude around her, and while it takes a toll on her, it also brings out her creativity. As a result from her traumatic childhood, she's a candle in the wind, but a very, very resilient candle. She puts the needs of others ahead of her own, she has an incredible sense of humor, and her abnormally high intelligence astonishes me regularly.

They are the best sisters one could ever wish for.