Affirmations for a positive spiral

. 2 min read

I mentioned yesterday that I was studying the emotional scale that people use when talking about the law of attraction and getting into the right frequency to manifest. You want to be in the emotions of the upward spiral as much as you can, meaning, you feel love, happiness, enthusiasm, freedom, appreciation, optimism, and the like. Feeling these emotions gets you into the optimal frequency to bring your thoughts into your reality. But if you let negative emotions, like hatred or pessimism or guilt or grudge dominate your state, you're stuck in a downward spiral, and you'll only be able to manifest the negative things that your mind is filling your thoughts with.

One way to get away from the negative spiral and into the positive spiral is with affirmations. (Other excellent tools include journaling, meditating, and visualizing; for a more in-depth guide to these, I recommend the book I wrote, The Only Law of Attraction Book You Need. It's a super quick read so you'll get in the action in no time.) Affirmations are positive sentences you tell yourself to reprogram your subconscious. Your subconscious believes the statement you say and begins to nudge you into actions that will lead to the reality you want to manifest. You form the affirmation positively and in present tense, as if you already had what you want. For example: if you want to become rich, your affirmation could be I am a millionaire, or I'm so grateful for my business that generates such an abudant income for me, or I have more money than I could ever spend. (You can be as specific with the numbers and the wording as you want.)

So, to escape the negative emotional spiral and get to the positive one, below are a few affirmation examples. Feel free to change the wording to your individual liking.

I'm so happy and grateful now that I love everything.
I allow myself to be lead towards the spiral of love and freedom.
I let go of unnecessary emotions that don't serve me and instead embrace infinite joy.
I walk an upward path towards a mountaintop that bathes in the glory of happiness.
I am safe. The universe always has my back. I allow myself to live courageously.
I love the enthusiasm that fills my mind every day.
I am free. I am filled with peace.

Just tell yourself some (or all) of these daily and watch your thoughts get swooped into an upward spiral of positive emotions!


P.S. And in case you're skeptical about this "new age hippie stuff" - remember that this isn't about you believing that it works. It's about reprogramming your subconscious. Whether you, meaning your consciousness, believes in the affirmations is irrelevant. What matters is the fact that your subconscious believes everything you say to it.