Air purifier

. 2 min read

It's a nice flower. Although a little out of focus. It's like I didn't know where to look when I took the photo. Also it's not summer anymore, so the pic is a little inappropriate. After all, we've moved on. It's autumn now.

I don't know how to say this. I don't know if you're the one I should be telling this to. You're not a machine that takes the dust that the rant is and puts it through a sieve so as to make the air clear and clean again.

But here I am, thinking that you are. That I can use you whenever I want. That you have no feelings of your own, no problems of your own.

Then again, how could I know what you have. You never use me as your air purifier. You keep it all inside. I wonder if you have an in-built purifier of your own. Maybe it's been there all along and that's why you don't need me. Or maybe I was a terrible purifier in the past, and you had to have one custom-made for your needs.

Nevertheless, I need to find a new way to clear my air. Do you think I should get one built in, like you, or purchase an external one?

Also note that now that I'm getting a new air purifier, I won't be talking about much of anything anymore. I'm terrified that a single dust particle gets out of my mouth and flies straight into your face. I can't have that happen anymore. That much is clear now.

And even if I knew a particular particle was a clear air particle, how can I be sure you perceive it as one? How can I be sure you don't detect dust?

And in time, you'll be all clogged up again, and you'll short circuit and explode and then all the dust and the hair and the snot balls will shoot all over the place and we need to clean the mess again and I'll feel dirty and uncomfortable even afterwards and think I'll never be clean again.

So I'll just shut up, get my head straight, remember how things are and where the monster is, and resume operating.