All I need is an adventure

. 1 min read

You know, I haven't really suffered due to this epidemic thingy. All it's taken from me are a few cafe dates and the opportunity to swim indoors which, to be honest, doesn't exactly compare to outdoor swimming. I've worked successfully from home for weeks now, and it's totally fine.

One thing, though. Being home, or in the neighborhood, or in the forest, or by the river, or in the field, gets somewhat boring. It seems I need more living space. Or something exciting to do within the physical limits of my existence.

I need an adventure.

As a writer, the easiest adventure - and at the same time the most interesting one - is the adventure I make up in my mind. I have such crazy adventures all over the world in my head. There are no limits of where I can go, or what I can do, or who I can be.

But I have to admit that sometimes I'd rather have something physical - to go somewhere further than a bike ride and do something more than just wait. Because I don't want to just wait for this to be over to start living again.

Tomorrow, my life will be an adventure.

I'll go to a place I've never gone before, be a person I've always wanted to be, and do wild and courageous and interesting things. Dream it, plan it, execute it.

An international state of emergency can limit your life only if you let it.