All my life I've been good, but now

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Yes, the title is a quote from an Avril Lavigne song. And for good reason. The song is awesome. But I don't mean the lyrics in their literal meaning (the song sounds like it's about relationships) - I mean in the way the attitude projects to one specific and wonderful life philosophy.

Just replace "good" with "obedient".

If you're like most people and have been living the scripted life (yes, MJ DeMarco reference), aka never questioning anything and living the life that you've been told is the right one, it's time to rebel. Better now than never.

Do you think your parents and other people know better than you what you should do?

Do you trust scientific studies about optimal sleeping hours, diets, and exercise, or follow the recommendations of state institutes about these things without trying out what works for you as an individual?

Do you vote, not play with toys, own a cutlery set too big for your needs, not pee in the shower, clean your house weekly, or do something else not because you saw value in it, but because you've been conditioned to think it's the mature or morally right or the upright citizen way to do it?

Have you been good, aka obedient, all your life?

Do me a favor and question everything you do, even if as a thought experiment. Analyze why you do them. Did you choose your line of work yourself, or did the society or your parents choose for you? How about your hobbies? How about your friends, or your partner?

If you think this sounds a little like a middle age crisis, good. Better to have one sooner than later. If you've been good all your life, say "what the hell", and rebel. Change everything. Be a little crazy. Have some fun. Try different things. This will help you figure out how your life should look like - so you can compare it to your current life, and start changing things.

What the hell!