An observation about the connection between working more and happiness

. 2 min read

Last spring was such a weird time - and despite the obvious connotation you might be having, I don't mean the lockdown. I mean the anhedonia, and the process of trying to figure out how to solve it. I came to the conclusion that working more and watching less YouTube and HBO could help.

But now, looking back, I realize I did work a lot at that time! And I was still miserable! I did some experients with diet and those didn't help either. And I went back meat-based in the summer, yet the troubles continued, at least until July.

And now, in early September, I've been extraordinarily happy for a number of weeks now - despite working somewhat less than before. Although that might not be actually true. I feel like I've worked less - because I've only worked on projects I've wanted to work on any given day, however long or short a time I've felt like. But I have worked.

So what gives?

Here's a theory: in the spring, I was focusing on my problems, thinking about how my mental health was at a low point, worrying that I should work more, concentrating on everything that I was doing wrong.

Now, for the past few weeks - I'd go as far as to say ever since I started using the law of attraction - I've felt amazing, I feel genuinely happy and grateful every day, work has been great, I don't stress about anything, and I'm excited about my projects. I don't force myself to do anything and only do things I want to do. Furthermore, I do all kinds of fun things with the time that I used to spend worrying that I'm working too little, like deep water running, coffee breaking at IKEA, rearranging the furniture, and so on. Even my morning runs seem to go easier than before.

Conclusion: simply thinking how happy and grateful you are, instead of thinking how you're failing, will elevate your life on its own, even if you don't physically try to make your life better. Somehow just focusing on the good and thinking about the things you want as if you already have it will have a ripple effect on everything else in your life. I feel wiser, smarter, more optimistic and ambitious, less judgmental, more able and more beautiful. And no more stomachaches! (That could be due to the carnivore diet, though.)

No wonder the technique works... it's a law, after all.