How to anti-virtue signal

. 1 min read

You know virtue signaling? When people make a more or less big of a deal of their virtues, for example, by asking the Starbucks cashier if their cardboard cups are made of sustainable materials? Or taking every possible opportunity to mention you're vegan?

I do the opposite: I make sure to mention every "anti-virtue" I have whenever a handy opportunity to do so presents itself. And by "anti-virtue" I mean things that I consider virtues but the masses don't.

For example:

Every time you hear or see an airfryer commercial declaring how you can make food with less fat with it, you declare: why would anyone want to eat unhealthy food like that?

Every time you buy ground beef at the grocery store, make sure to narrate out loud to any by-passers your search for the type with the highest fat content. (Especially the strangers who are narrating their search for a vegan meat alternative.)

Actively boycott chocolate brands that use labels on the packaging about fair trade, and instead, exclusively buy Lindt chocolate, which trusts high quality over virtue signaling.

Every time someone brings up black lives matter in a conversation, show them the clip of Morgan Freeman where he ends racism by saying: "stop talking about it."

Every time someone wishes you "happy international women's day," ignore them or wish them "happy tuesday" (or whatever day it is).

I'll stop here before I get all riled up. Hopefully you get the point.