Apparently, spring is here

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The March equinox took place yesterday and apparently it's spring now. I've always thought spring begins March 1st, regardless of the weather or if there's still snow on the ground. This year, though, it's been way too cold in the first weeks of March to even think about spring, and eager to get back to running after a cold and slippery winter, I've been waving my fist angrily at mother nature for screwing me up like this. (This is serious. Not getting my daily run for months has taken a fairly oversized toll on me.)

But hey, now there are no excuses! Let's call it spring, and that's that!

5 C / 40 F is a perfectly adequate temperature to go out and enjoy the weather. In fact, I'd rather run in cold-ish weather rather than in anything over 20 C / 70 F any day. Also the roads aren't icy anymore so even a clumsy runner like me can sprint around without falling and breaking spines and skulls and whatnot.

I hope you're not as lame I've turned out and have done exactly what you've wanted regardless of the circumstances and weather and season and other excuses. But if you've been pausing your life for the winter as I have, now is the time to press play.

We still have snow on the ground where I live. It even snowed some more yesterday. But that's just noise. The signal is that it's March 21st. It's right there on the calendar. There's no denying the date, nor the equinox, nor the mentality that something has to start, right now.


Do something you've been putting off, today, right now.
Get your shit together, right now.
Make things right, right now.
Do it, right now.