Back to Earth

. 1 min read

So here's the thing: Christmas is over. You looked forward to it, then it was almost there, then it was actually there, and whoosh, now it's gone. The counter is reset. 364 days until Christmas 2019.

You may think it's okay to take it easy for the remaining few days of the year and start reforming back to your usual effective ways on January 1st. You may think it won't do any harm to eat gingerbread and other festive crap for a couple days more. You may think there's still time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Well, if you think that, you're wrong.

Most likely. Because what I've observed, the longer you let your mind and body get used to the holiday way of living, the harder it will be to rehabilitate them back to your usual ways. You'll try to tell them the holidays are over, but they won't agree. They want eternal Christmas. And if you dare change your ways back to normal, they will fight back with all they've got.

Personally, I've been trying to get my eating habits back on track for weeks now. But there's so much candy and gingerbread and apple pie in the house! I tried to eat cheese instead of the sugary treats, but my bowel didn't like it. I tried grilled chicken, but it didn't address my cravings adequately.

Not to mention that I've been sleeping in lately, and I know stopping that will take even more willpower than getting my diet back.

You may not suffer from the same problems than I, but if you do, mark my words: doing at least a little something in the line of progress before you commit to your possible New Year's resolutions will ease up the change massively, and it won't be such of a shock to your body and your mind.

They won't fight back as hard as they would if you surprised them.