Become better

. 2 min read

I saw a video on YouTube (yes, I watch way too many YouTube videos) in which Jordan Peterson talked about the meaning of life. The subject is hard. For me at least it seems that there are as many answers to this as there are people.

Peterson talked about your responsibility to your family and being better and making things better instead of worse. I admit, that's a good place to start. But what is better? Is better a word the meaning of which depends on the individual?

Someone might see ending human race as the better thing to do; that allowing men to ruin the planet is definitely worse than that. Sure, I get it. But are all men bad? Are all men ruining the planet? Where do we draw the line?

Perhaps we don't need to have a universal definition for better. Perhaps it's enough that everyone change things for the better from their individual perspective. It might not save the world, and it might not eradicate those people who want to end human race in its entirety, but it's a start - and it's a lot better than if everyone changed things for the worse.

How can you change things for the better? What would changing things for the better mean to you, in practical terms? Do you believe changing things for the better would make you a better person?

It could mean being a rock to someone who struggles. I could mean doing something for the environment. It could be developing your community. It could mean developing yourself to be able to create value.

I'd like to challenge both you and me to do something today so that things are better in the evening than they were in the morning. It could be something small, like smiling to your partner instead of complaining about the dishes. But it could also be something bigger - huge even. Use your imagination. What could you do that if you did it, you'd feel totally awesome having done it? Go do that. And challenge yourself again tomorrow. I bet you'll become a better person in the process.