Becoming better is a habit (and needs sustaining)

. 2 min read

One thing that I once learned from Earl Nightingale and then, at some point, utterly forgot, is that

we become what we think about most of the time.

I have to admit that I've been quite silly lately. I saw tremendous value in personal development for years, and then, as if a switch had been clicked in my mind, I didn't think it worked anymore. I was so into the law of attraction last fall, and lately, it's as if I had suddenly decided that it could never work for me - no matter how obviously my reality was proof that it did.

But that's just it. None of this works if you don't believe it works. And since I had lost the habit of personal development and positive self talk, of course it wasn't going to sustain itself.

The first thing you must understand is that pushing yourself to become the best version of yourself, changing your thoughts and mindsets to lift your life to a new level - they require work. You need to put in the work before the results show. You must have faith that it'll pay off, before it pays off.

If you think that yes, in theory, it would probably nice to be higher value, but I don't know if I could get there or even enjoy getting there, just drop the second half of that thought for now. Decide that the first part of that statement comes from somewhere deeper within, from your superego, your ideal self, the future you that knows that the transformation will be worth it. Let that person make the decision.

All that is required from the present you is the work.

Imagine the best you, figure out what kind our habits that person has, and start implementing them. It might feel pointless in the beginning, but it doesn't matter - just remember that you're not the person who gets to make judgments. That's the future you's job.

The second thing to remember is that once you start executing the habits that take you to that next level, don't forget to talk to yourself in a way that enforces those habits. Write down how wonderful your life is and how grateful you are. Pause a few times during the day to appreciate where you're going. Your mind will connect the dots.

Personal development, positive thinking, law of attraction - they're habits.

All it takes to sustain a habit is a small daily push from you.