Belts | Philosophy in anything

. 1 min read

What was that? "What's today's random everyday object?" Well, now that you asked, I have the honour of announcing today's random object: it's a belt.

Yes! A belt! Let's hear it for the belt! Woohoo! [insert overexcited for belt emoji here]

A belt is an object you wrap around the upper edge of your pants or skirt to ensure it stays up. It's a long, narrow sheet of some material, often leather, and has a metal buckle and holes to which the buckle attaches. The holes enable you to adjust the belt to your needs that may vary from day to day.

So, needless to say, belts are handy. They make your life easier and allows you to successfully wear pieces of clothing that are slightly too large for you shape. Plus, you only need one - you can take if off one pair of pants in the evening and use it with another pair the next day. How convenient!

With all this on the table, let's turn this into a metaphor.

What in your life helps you every day to successfully handle uncomfortable situations? What tool, physical or immaterial, adjusts to your needs every day? What helps you keep your metaphorical pants from falling to your ankles, aka losing your poker face, making a fool of yourself?

It could be your smartphone. It could be a high quality wrist watch that reminds you of your status. It could be your calendar. It could be the bright red lipstick you put on just before a big speech to trigger your subconscious to think it's show time, it's time to give your all. It could be literally anything - anything that helps you operate effectively and is adjustable, whatever the day may bring.

Anything, literally - including your favourite belt.