Bob Ross ideology

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Bob Ross was such a great guy. I'm so glad they still play his painting show on Twitch and have (all?) the episodes on YouTube. Here's a person who never loses his temper, is always happy, and sees beauty in everything, just the way things are. Sounds like quite the stoic. I absolutely adore his attitude.

One thing: according to Ross, if something doesn't make you happy, you shouldn't do it. This is such a fundamental idea. It makes you think. Does everything I do make me happy? Does the happiness need to be direct, or is indirect okay? What about duties? What about work, kids, personal hygiene?

Even if you think you have responsibilities that don't make you happy, and even if you resent those responsibilities, remember that you're free to do whatever you want, and your life and the duties that come with it are the way they are exactly because you made them so. The desire to be happy and get a happy life has always been somewhere, at the surface or somewhere deeper, in your decision making process.

You chose that particular line of work because you wanted to be happy. You made kids because you wanted to be happy. You take a shower every once in a while because you want to be happy.

If you've come to see that your decision making process back in the day was poorly informed, do something about it.

Change jobs. Influence your family life. Make showering enjoyable.

You can do it.

Only do things that make you happy.