But first, progress

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I just took a long(ish) evening stroll outside - you know how I advocate for evening strolls - and it was dark and no one was outside, not even the dog owners, and I got to be completely alone with a full moon that lit the clouds and some orange and red autumn trees and the feeling of happiness just rushed over my bo—

What the hell this post was NOT supposed to be about how wonderful life is! Pull yourself together woman!

Now. What was it. Oh yes.

Since this site is called Worth in Progress, it's only logical that we discuss progress for a change. Because lately I've talked very little and very far-fetchedly.

(I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out how much discipline it's taking me to write about progress instead of Christmas. Because Christmas is coming. A year ago, in October, I was all over Christmas preparations. But this year, we're talking business. Christmas can wait, even if I do say so myself.)

What even is progress? In it's most simple definition, it's changing for the better, or, if you have a cancer that progresses, it's changing for the worse (depending on the POV of course). I've been a sucker for self-help for a few years now - most of my twenties anyway - and while I acknowledge that most of it is just pump-you-up-temporal-high-motivation-to-be-soon-plummeted bullcrap, there is no reason self-help cannot have a progressive effect in your life.

You just need to do the work.

So, to honor the worth in the act of progressing itself, start shipping. Become a better person, a better businessman, a more successful individual. Produce more. Produce better. Think more, and better. Make your life better, and while you're at it, better the lives of others in the process.

For the ultimate reward awaits: the ability to enjoy Christmas 2019!